fotochop is our first Windows Phone 7 mobile app aim at helping you personlize your photos with our collection of stickers. We are feverishly making an update to allow users to submit their own stickers which could then be used by everyone. Stay tuned for the next update! - ManMadeApps

Web link


Step 1: Just choose a camera photo (or any photo on your device) to begin with.

Step 2: Press on the "+" icon on the application bar

Step 3: Choose a sticker from the samples

Step 4: Move, rotate and scale the sticker using your mighty fingers. Two fingers are required for rotating and scaling.

Step 5: Press on the tick icon if you are happy with your sticker.

Step 6: Press the save icon to save your work on to the media library.

At this point, you can continue to add other stickers (using similar steps above) or just exit the application. The next time you use the application, you could choose to continue working on your last masterpiece or start a new one. Have fun! :)